Life coaching

Talking starts the process of finding new ways of thinking that will unlock your potential and enable you to be happy with yourself and your situation. With the freedom to talk openly without fear of judgement or pressure, your tangle of thoughts will start to straighten out. Through the process of coaching you will find:

  • clarity
  • confidence and
  • motivation.

This will help you to make the positive changes you want in your life. You will also discover tools to help you keep and get back on track, throughout your future challenges.

You will notice a gradual shift towards a ‘can do’ attitude, a positive outlook and a greater satisfaction and pleasure in what you do. You may also get ‘light bulb’ moments. Equipped with a clearer understanding of your core values you will be able to align actions and choices with those values, creating a strong foundation for setting and achieving goals that are important to you.

But it’s not all about goals! Goals can be useful because they give us direction towards something and motivation towards is more powerful than getting away from something. However, they do need to be your goals. Many of my clients value life quality, balance and enjoying the process as well as the end goal. If we can enjoy the journey too, how much better is that?

“Anne’s wisdom, her kindness and above all her insight has had an amazing and quite tangible impact upon my life. I feel more confident, and thankful for all the aspects of my life, and I now have tools and techniques to tackle any of life’s challenges and insecurities!”Fiona S, freelance consultant

I have helped people: develop new habits; find their voice; step up to new challenges; break free of worries; develop a positive attitude; improve their communication; increase their productivity; be happier……
The possibilities are endless!

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Life coaching is either in person, at The Family Practice, Bishopston, Bristol or via telephone or Skype.


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