Business coaching for small business owners

In 30 years of working in business, I’ve experienced and seen the same symptoms across the board – the classic case of working IN the business, not ON it. We get so caught up in the day-to-day, we sometimes struggle to prioritise actions which will help us grow a business that works for us.

What keeps you awake at night?

If you’re an employer, your legal and financial responsibilities are just the start of your concerns. Time management, staffing, balance and control are the usual issues business owners face. Freedom is often cited as the number one benefit of being your own boss but if you don’t feel very free something needs to change.

So why work with a coach?

An experienced coach can act as a sounding board and help bring out the best in you, helping you to:

  • set goals in line with your values
  • make decisions with confidence
  • enjoy the everyday.

It’s an investment – of time as well as money – which will reap dividends, having a direct impact on your financial success and your enjoyment of your business. With clear and motivating goals, you can navigate the hurdles and prioritise actions that will help build a business to be proud of.

What can we achieve together?

I’ll help you make choices which align your life and business values. I’ll help you (re-)discover your vision, focus on your strengths and use resourcefulness for confident decisions aimed at control and balance.

Success is subjective but we all want to perform at our best, so we can build and run an authentic, financially successful business. I’ll help you to define your success and to create your route to achieving it.

Find out more here Coaching programme for small business owners

“Anne is a highly professional and clear-thinking coach, with great skill in focusing on the core questions and key issues, whilst being flexible enough to allow the process to unfold as it needs to. She pulls together diverse threads and feeds them back in a way that re-frames dilemmas, bringing insight, clarity and focus to next steps. The positive results were tangible and powerful – I was able to go into potentially challenging business and board meetings with clarity and a new framing of the situation –” Helen S, training company owner



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Business coaching with peer support is also available with the Inspired Solutions Mastermind Groups – the perfect choice if you recognise the downside of working in isolation and the need to be expert in all aspects of running your business.

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with the group this year and I’m tremendously thankful for the help, support and patience I receive from you all. It really has helped me make some big changes.” Patrick H, small business owner


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