Clients and Testimonials

Thank you to my clients who have found a moment to share their experiences of coaching with me, so that you may see the potential for yourself.

Bhagesh’s Story

… turning a passion into a business

Emma’s Story

… from overwhelm to motivation and fun!

Jo’s Story
… returning from maternity leave

Nick’s Story

… taking the plunge

Chris and Simon’s story
… an exciting future for the business


“My objectives with Anne were to increase my self confidence, particularly in relation to my business, gain some clarity around my thoughts on my next steps and the courage to move ahead with these new ideas. I can safely say that all three objectives have been addressed and I am moving forward with courage and determination. Anne is a great coach, asking incisive and provocative questions to really get the mind working. I highly recommend working with her.”
Liz H, business owner

“Anne; with her non-judgmental, genuinely engaged presence, pertinent questions, reflections back and gentle challenging has been enormously supportive for me in both approaching a return to work after a 13 year absence due to ill health aswell as working together to visualise a proactive approach to my career path subsequently. This has included looking at things like unhelpful habits, limiting ways of thinking, clearly identifying my personal value systems and so on as well as discussing practical strategies for time management and lifestyle balance. Anne offers an utterly indispensable service as her assistance has supported me across a very challenging transition in my life… highly recommended!”
Katherine S, receptionist/practice manager

“I came to Anne because I was feeling stuck in a rut, unhappy with myself and unsure about my next steps professionally.
She is a wonderfully empathetic listener and I found myself talking about my life at great length and depth. By gently probing my answers, she helped me identify some long-held and unhelpful patterns of thought, and make me open and ready for change. Halfway through our sessions, I explored some new professional opportunities and came out of the process with a renewed zest for life and sense of my own capabilities.”
Dan P, senior manager

“After 6 coaching sessions with Anne I am extremely happy to provide her with a testimonial. She is extremely thoughtful, open and amenable as well as making the sessions both structured and highly personal. I live overseas so conducted all the sessions by phone. Given that we had never actually met in person I found an immediate “chemistry”. She is understanding and good humoured, and made a great deal of positive suggestions, with tasks and exercises to help with the (fairly complicated) life choices I was being faced with. Evidently there is no “magic wand” (I seem always to be looking for an Archimedean “Eureka” moment) but she really did help me analyse the issues involved and assist me in making significant steps in my internal decision making processes. I would happily recommend Anne to anyone who needs help in differentiating the ‘wood from the trees'”.
Tim N, business owner

“When my younger child started school, I went to Anne with a general – but rather vague sense of dissatisfaction with life.
By gently asking challenging, thoughtful and thought-provoking questions, Anne helped me to work out my values and priorities. Together, we set goals for my roles as wife, mother, friend and member of the community. A month after finishing the coaching, I now feel more contented in all these areas of life.
We spent a couple of sessions discussing my work as a freelance writer, with the result that I now feel much happier and more settled with what I am doing, and have started to be more proactive in searching out exciting new opportunities, rather than just taking on anything I’m asked to do!
I was amazed at how quickly Anne made me see things more clearly, and how much easier it has been to make changes with her guidance. Having picked up something of the coaching ‘way of thinking’, I’m also finding it easier to think about difficult issues myself, and work out what to do about them.”
Philippa H, writer

“I was struggling to manage my time properly, struggling to manage my staff properly, both of which were impacting on my personal health. Talking about this made me realise how important my health is to me, but putting this right seemed almost an impossible step. I made my first Core Values based decision the same day and it was easier (less stressful) to make. This is particularly important to me because I feel a small business should reflect the character of the major people involved. I started to use my values for other decisions. Over a year on, key decisions are still easier. Overall one very happy customer.”
Ross C, gym manager

“In early 2013 I found myself very stressed with my job. I’d been acting up into a new role at work and was particularly anxious about the elements of larger meetings and public speaking to the point I started to suffer from constant insomnia which, of course, just exacerbated the situation. I met with Anne and instantly found her very easy to talk to. The initial work around exploring the values I held and the subsequent tactics and processes I could use for working outside my comfort zone, proved to be very valuable and gave me the trust in myself that I could be a success in the role. Since working with Anne I have been offered the job permanently and received consistently good feedback. I still, of course, come up against obstacles and difficult situations but the work with Anne has really helped me get a perspective on this and helped me to grow a ‘thicker skin’. I would recommend working with Anne Miller to anyone.”
John A, manager

“I was searching for a way to embody ideas and learning after 3 years of study. Anne was recommended to me and after 4 sessions I have the clarity and calm to complete the necessary stages. Anne is a skilled coach who I hope to remain connected to throughout my journey, as I would not be where I need to be without her. Thank you!”.
Jessica R, embarking on a business

“Now that I have resigned it feels like such an obvious choice, and a big weight off my shoulders, but at the time was quite a dilemma.
Our coaching sessions really helped me reach this decision and find the courage to act on it.
I would definitely consider coaching again when I get to the next crossroads.”
Claire, solicitor

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