– Going it alone…

Until a couple of years ago I taught English as a Foreign Language in Bristol. It is job that I love and I am always pleased to oblige when I’m asked back to do cover teaching every now and then. However, after fifteen years or so I felt that I needed to move on.
Opportunities for career advancement in EFL teaching are few and very far between and when I was overlooked for a more senior position I knew that the time was right to ‘take the plunge’. I had already been running a small publishing company part-time and decided to give up teaching and go full-time on my own.
I am not naturally a very organised person and in that regard teaching was perfect. I was free to be creative in class but was tied to a system and had a strict timetable imposed upon me. Without realising it – and I don’t mean this in a bad way at all – I had become institutionalised into the way that the school worked, something I only became aware of once I started to have to organise my time myself.
My days are full-on and busy and I have to juggle many different balls at the same time. From being a teacher with a very defined role to perform I suddenly found that I was the sales, invoicing, delivery, complaints, personnel and coffee-making departments all rolled into one. I’m sure I could add several more job titles to that list! Also, as my own boss I am now where the buck stops and I only have myself to turn to.
With no previous business experience going it alone has not been easy and the learning curve has at times been difficult. I’m happy to report that it’s gradually getting less steep as time goes by and much of my progress is down to life coaching. I feel that by going to see Anne I am able to see my situation from the outside looking in and therefore have a completely different perspective on it.
Explaining what life coaching is and what it does is not easy. In my case the clarity and energy I get from talking through problems and coming up with ideas to improve them is fantastic. Invariably I come away from coaching sessions with a real spring in my step. For me it’s not so much about destinations but about dealing with the journey and I see life coaching as a helping hand along the way.
My life-coaching sessions with Anne have helped me to recognise and build on my strengths, to identify and address weaknesses and above all have provided me with insight. This ‘knowledge’ of myself is what helps me move on with confidence. Crucially, too, I’m learning not to expect miracles and to be patient with myself. I’m only human after all!
I cannot recommend Anne highly enough. Get in touch and see for yourselves!

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