– Back To Work After Maternity

joI have 3 young children and previously had a career that I had kept going during the first few years of motherhood and then I’d had a break.

When I went to Anne I felt this was the right time to start working again but was unsure whether to return to the same sort of work or retrain, and then in what. I was quite confused and frustrated with myself.

I was also running a very small business with the help of my husband, almost as a hobby. I hadn’t considered expanding the business, largely because it didn’t appeal as a long term prospect and also because my husband was involved with it as well. He has a career so we weren’t looking to develop this together.

Working with Anne I got a clear understanding of my priorities and discovered to my surprise that developing the business would actually tick a lot of the boxes! Also it would give me experience I could use if and when I decided to change track later.

Taking this on by myself was going to be a very different challenge. What I needed now was the confidence and clear thinking to make it all happen!

Through a series of life coaching sessions with Anne that is exactly what I got: I learnt to focus on my own needs as well as everyone else’s. My confidence and sense of purpose climbed rapidly; I started to recognise my talents and use them, instead of doubting myself; and a vision for my business quickly emerged.

Now I am very much in control, I listen to myself and trust my instinct. And my business is blooming!

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