– From Frustration to Motivation

emmaI had so many things I wanted to do but I couldn’t find the energy to get on and do them. Also I wasn’t sure what to do first. Some of the things were longer term and some needed immediate action, but still I couldn’t seem to get started.

I was constantly fighting tiredness and lethargy, even arranging a holiday was too much effort. My work was not demanding much of me and yet when I came home I just wanted to sleep or watch TV.

Having this list without the energy to tackle it was making me really stressed. I was constantly cross and frustrated with myself and my self esteem was suffering. Looking back, I know that I thought I was being a bit spineless in not being super human all the time.

The life coaching helped me separate out the parts of my life that were draining me and deal with them differently. With Anne I was able to be honest about how I was spending my time and this got me making some changes. Gradually my confidence and self belief returned and I so I was able to start dealing with things that had been hanging around for ages. I even found time to have fun (I’d forgotten how good that is) and planned two short holidays.

By the end of my sessions I was much happier, motivated and energetic and I had achieved some of the things on my list. I am now much more realistic about what I can do and don’t beat myself up when I don’t do the impossible.

After the sessions I went on to leave my job, am now enjoying a new full-time role in a very different environment and am making plans to start my own business. I am still really busy but getting much better at not overloading myself and when I do, I am much better at getting out of it – including not feeling guilty when I turn things down!

I feel much lighter now I have managed to leave some of my stresses behind. I am now doing things I want to do rather the things I thought I should be doing. I feel braver about taking steps towards the kind of creative work I want to be doing and although I am still really busy I hardly ever feel depressed anymore.

I have stopped hanging onto ‘friendships’ that were destructive and taking unhelpful things family members say to heart all the time! I have decluttered my house and joined a gym – something I never thought I would do. I have a great sense of achievement in things now rather than beating myself up for not being perfect. In short, at the moment my life is great!

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