– Doing what I love…

 I had been working full time at the University for over 10 years and always enjoyed my work and the University environment. They were good employers and I worked alongside some great colleagues. However, I was starting to feel I was not making the most of my abilities, I knew I had more in me and I was frustrated by not using my skills and my interests. On top of that there were some doubts creeping in about future funding of the project I was working on, so this seemed like a good time to be thinking about change.

Life at home was full on with small children so finding the time and space to think and make decisions this important was really hard.

When I went to Anne I had lots of thoughts going round in my head but was unsure what I could do with them. I needed to get clear about my career options and to know that the decision I make is the best one. I had to support my family, I couldn’t just wait to see what happened.

Anne quickly picked up on my passion for photography and encouraged me to build in time to pursue it. With careful consideration and planning I was also able to give plenty of attention to my family, which was really important to me. Over the series of sessions my confidence and motivation really took off! Steadily at first but when I handed in my notice, rather sooner than I anticipated, it felt great and I knew I was doing the right thing. I have now launched my own business and working from home I am able to share the care of my children more easily. This has been great: I am rapidly building a very successful business and loving every minute!

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