Chris and Simon

We had been feeling for some time that we couldn’t continue as we were. Chris had lost a lot of confidence and enjoyment in the business since we had had a baby and the pressures of the business seemed to keep on increasing. Things had changed so much at work and at home that I was also struggling and wondering what to do for the best. Although we were doing well financially we couldn’t imagine how we could continue as we were and wondered if we should be looking at an exit plan.

This is where we had got to when we met with Anne. We immediately felt we could work with her as she put us at ease and although we went feeling a bit helpless we felt reassured that coaching was going to help. And it did, enormously!

Anne helped us to think about the choices we were making in relation to our values and we re-established our confidence to do things in a way that we felt to be right for us, our staff and the business.

We had lost ourselves in the business too as it was demanding all of our attention and draining us. We’ve now started to put some things in place to make sure we take time for ourselves and have established some new boundaries for work and home life.

A lot of our confused feelings now feel a lot clearer and we’re looking at a future for the business which feels exciting. Chris & Simon

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