I am no longer taking on new clients. This does not affect existing or returning clients nor prospective clients that I am already in conversation with.
I am sorry for any inconvenience and you may like to visit the International coach federation website to search for a suitable coach for your needs.

Life can be tough. Business can be challenging. It’s easy to get stuck and it’s often hard finding the way out on your own. Having a partner on your journey can help you realise your ambition, see the wood for the trees and get the enjoyment back in your personal or professional life.

For the past 30 years I’ve been transitioning careers and businesses, with the last 12 years spent coaching people and developing strategies for positive change in life and at work.

Coaching’s not me telling you what to do. It’s a partnership, a constructive and non-judgemental conversation to help you find a different perspective on your problems, with the aim of moving forward from where you are now to where you want to be.

I work in three main areas:

  • coaching for small business owners – for leaders or business owners who want to feel like they’re running their company, rather than the other way round! Together we’ll help you find better ways to manage your employees, , set goals in line with your values , define success on your terms and find the work-life balance we all crave
  • career coaching – to help you overcome blockages to reaching your personal and professional potential. I believe we all have more inside us than perhaps even we realise. It’s a matter of finding the clarity and freedom to enable you to tap into those inner resources so you can perform at your best
  • life coaching – without prejudice or judgement, a conversation to help you find confidence, clarity and motivation in your life. I’ll help you detangle the muddle, as we move towards a positive outlook and attitude, a clearer understanding and alignment of your values, goals, actions and choices.

Coaching is a partnering process where you learn strategies to make the best of yourself and your situation

Get in touch for a no obligation chat or to arrange a free initial consultation  enquiries@annemillercoaching.co.uk or call 07722110228

“I was amazed at how quickly Anne made me see things more clearly, and how much easier it has been to make changes. Having picked up something of the coaching ‘way of thinking’, I’m also finding it easier to think about difficult issues myself, and work out what to do about them.” Philippa H, Writer


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