Thank you to my clients who have found a moment to share their experiences of coaching with me, so that you may see the potential for yourself.

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“After 6 coaching sessions with Anne I am extremely happy to provide her with a testimonial. Read more

Tim N, June 2017.

There comes a time in life, sometimes, when you need to take a step back, review where you’re at and take a long hard look at whether you are where you want to be. Read more

Sally W

I approached Anne because I had become stuck in a rut: I wasn’t finding my work fulfilling any more, and whilst I could identify what I didn’t want, I couldn’t see what I did want from a new role or direction. Read more

Susan H

For a long time I felt like I didn’t really know what I wanted to achieve for myself in life, nor did I know the direction that I wanted to take it. Read more

Jean-Pierre B

Being self employed I had fallen into the trap of never saying no and burdening myself with too many responsibilities, leaving little time for anything else. Read more

Lee M

Coaching with Anne Miller has been so good for me. I have changed my life and I am a much happier person, I am focussed on my goals and focussed on being positive in all that I do. Read more

Amy T

Now that I have resigned it feels like such an obvious choice, and a big weight off my shoulders, but at the time was quite a dilemma. Read more


At the time I was faced with several overwhelming decisions and felt unable to cope with life’s everyday challenges. Read more

Hannah B

Anne has helped me with some tricky decision making in my personal and professional life. Read more

Helen B

A Coaching friend recommended Anne Miller to me, as I had felt very stuck, and in a negative space, particularly about my response to work. Read more

Fiona S

I was searching for a way to embody ideas and learning after 3 years of study. Read more

Jessica R

Working with Anne was an amazing experience. Read more

Heidi Beier

In early 2013 I found myself very stressed with my job. Read more

John A

I came to Anne following a set back in my career and i was struggling to re-evaluate my goals going forward. Read more

Gemma H

I found my course of 6 coaching sessions extremely useful in facilitating a smooth transition at a time of great change in my life. Read more

Joanne B

Having completed a programme of six sessions with Anne targeted on building self-confidence, I can feel a transformation within me. Read more

Huw B

I found coaching really helpful, saying things out load helped me to rationalise my thinking, to take the emotion out of things and approach my issues in a constructive way Read more

Julie B

What Anne does, is helps you find the keys to unlock those parts of you which have become buried, ignored, or simply confused! Read more

Helen B

After life coaching with Anne I am still as busy as ever but I am much happier and put myself under much less pressure Read more

Emma R

Life coaching helped me at a time when I felt particularly confused about the direction my life was taking Read more

Amanda E

I couldn’t seem to get a clear picture of what I was doing in my business or where it was going Read more

James R

The option to have telephone coaching worked best for me and really helped me focus as during those conversations Read more

Nicola F

Anne’s approach is to get you to take a high-altitude view on the important aspects of your life Read more

David P

Life coaching with with Anne Miller was an incredibly positive experience. Through open and friendly engagement, Anne really helped me to clarify my goals and objectives Read more

Gihan M

Not only did my sessions with Ann help me solve my original dilemma of “ how and when do I return to work?” Read more

Jo F

The thing I most valued about Anne’s approach to life coaching was her ability to ask simple but insightful questions – to keep drilling Read more

Paul A

As a newcomer to life coaching I was amazed at how quickly the your values are identified, and with Anne as a guide I felt confident Read more

Philip L

Life coaching has taken me from a low point in my life to a happy one. It has been a revelation and offered real insight Read more

Rashi J

I was struggling to manage my time properly, struggling to manage my staff properly, both of which were impacting on my personal health Read more

Ross C

The life coaching helped me to identify, and be proud of, my values, plan how I want to lead my life based upon those values Read more

Sarah W

Anne has helped me make decisions about how I choose to spend my precious time. She has helped me to clear away the mist Read more

Claire D

Anne Miller helped me reorganize my thoughts by asking the right questions. She helped me open up to thoughts Read more

Kristina. R

Anne provided a tranquil place, physically, emotionally and intellectually for complete focus. A busy life, children, work, Read more

Anna R

Anne Miller can truly be regarded as a great facilitator of positive life change. My life coaching sessions have benefited both my work and family life Read more

Jane S

When my younger child started school, I went to Anne with a general – but rather vague sense of dissatisfaction with life Read more

Philippa H
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