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Imagine how your business could benefit from having your own boardroom of experts and the support of a business coach! Consider how you could move your business forward when you have dedicated access to regular, trusted support:

  • Escape the isolation of running your own business
  • Access a wealth of peer expertise
  • Gather feedback, ideas and encouragement
  • Work ON your business not just IN it
  • Harness the energy of collaborative thinking
  • Overcome blocks and find inspired solutions
  • Take decisive action that moves you towards your goals
  • Take pleasure in sharing your achievements and successes

The power of mastermind groups is widely recognised with many hundreds of groups operating all over the world and offering huge benefits to people in a variety of situations. When people work in a collaborative way, positive energy increases and our minds are stimulated to extend and discover solutions.

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Inspired Solutions mastermind Groups are designed for small business owners who share common challenges.


“The Mastermind concept is a brilliant forum for the small business owner. It brings together people from different sectors to discuss business issues that have been playing on their minds in a safe, confidential space. It never ceases to surprise me how similar a lot of the underlying issues that we face are, even though we are all different personalities working in different fields. Mastermind sessions are great for teasing out the causes of problems, and gently suggesting solutions. Anne is adept at creating an environment of trust and respect which gives every participant time to focus on their issue and a voice in helping out others” Huw Bendon, On Point Copywriting

How It Works My mastermind groups work on the basis of confidentiality, trust, support and co-operation with monthly morning meetings held in Bristol. I facilitate to promote clarity and learning. With a maximum of 5 members per group, there is a commitment to attend monthly meetings to: address problems; consider opportunities; share; establish intentions; gently hold each other accountable and encourage each other towards achieving the goals we set for ourselves and our business. The meetings last for a morning giving you the afternoon to put your intentions into practice!

Mastermind Groups create a win-win situation for all participants.

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There is incredible power in collaboration and mastermind groups harness that power for every individual who takes part. Every individual and their business grow because of the support, encouragement and combined expertise of the group.

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with the group this year and I’m tremendously thankful for the help, support and patience I receive from you all. It really has helped make some big changes.” Patrick H

Maximise your enjoyment in running your business and to take it to new heights – join an Inspired Solutions Mastermind Group, it could be the best decision you’ve made this year!

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What I bring As a small business owner of nearly 30 years I am well versed in the issues we face. As a business coach my passion is helping people to gain clarity and make positive change by creating an environment where people can do their best thinking.In my mastermind groups, my coaching approach enables members to get clarity on their issue, break though limiting beliefs and find realistic and motivating solutions. The group performs as an extension of each member, like having your own boardroom, bringing new perspectives, encouragement and additional expertise.

“I found the group to be wonderfully supportive full of great ideas helping me gain clarity and confidence going forward. Others have wrestled with similar problems as me and I often discovered my issues were not nearly as difficult or even as relevant as I originally thought.”
Sally Falconer-Hall

Whether you are working alone or employing staff, running a business you can feel isolated. But you don’t have to! Join a Mastermind group and tap into the wealth of experience of other business owners, benefit from the support of a business coach and like minded people and enjoy the increased clarity and confidence in the decisions you take!

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