Life and Career Coaching

Are you fed up turning over the same thoughts and getting nowhere?

Life and career coaching creates the opportunity to disentangle the many thoughts and choices that sometimes leave us feeling stuck, frustrated or confused. As your coach I will help you direct your thoughts positively to achieve the clarity you need to move forward.

Maybe you are considering

  • Changing your career
  • Returning to work
  • Applying for promotion
  • Starting your own business
  • Improving your life balance

Are you making the best use of your talents and opportunities? Working with a career coach you will create time to look at the bigger picture; your skills, your challenges, your options and your aspirations. Through the process of coaching I will help you find your confidence and highest motivation to take action and keep on track towards working within the life you want.

“I went to see Anne at a point of confusion in my life – I hated my teaching job and the circumstances of it had knocked the confidence right out of me. .. Anne took me through a whole process of refocusing on my values and aspirations which helped me to move on from the very ‘stuck’ place I was in. ..I am much happier and am learning to trust my instincts in terms of work I want to do and not force myself to be a square peg in a round hole.
The coaching has given me the courage to make some changes in my working life and I’d definitely recommend seeing Anne if you are in a similar state.”
Penny R

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Are you feeling less than positive about your options? Maybe you are finding it difficult to identify your skills. When we look around for new job opportunities it’s easy to focus on the skills and experience we fear we lack and this can impact on our sense of self worth and create negative feelings around our options. Career coaching restores focus, giving attention to our skills, experience and resourcefulness and motivating us to engage with our best selves to design our future though positive action.

Equipped with a clearer understanding of your core values your choices and actions all become aligned, providing a clarity that makes your goals both compelling and ultimately satisfying.
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