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How does it work?

Talking starts the process of finding new perspectives that will move you forward. With the freedom to talk openly without fear of judgement or pressure, your tangle of thoughts will start to straighten out. Through the process of coaching you will find clarity, confidence and motivation to make the positive changes you want to create in your work and life. You will also discover tools to help you keep or get back on track, throughout your future challenges.

You will notice a gradual shift towards a ‘can do’ attitude, a positive outlook and a greater satisfaction and pleasure in what you do. You may also get ‘light bulb’ moments. Equipped with a clearer understanding of your core values you will be able to align actions and choices with those values, creating a strong foundation for setting and achieving your goals.

With nearly 30 years experience of running small businesses and previously a career in teaching I am passionate about working with:

  • Small business owners
  • People reviewing their career
“ The sessions provided a focused environment in which to get to the crux of issues and work out solutions to them.” Huw B

Read a few of my client successes

Is it all about goals? Goals are important because they give us direction towards something and motivation towards is more powerful than getting away from something. Many of my clients value life quality, balance and enjoying the process as well as the end goal. If we can enjoy the journey too, how much better is that?!

Business coaching and life/career coaching is either face to face in Bristol or takes place via telephone or Skype. Life/career coaching takes place at The Family Practice, Bishopston, Bristol. Business coaching is by arrangement within Bristol. The number and frequency of sessions is agreed between us at your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION, with your best interests in mind. The free consultation is an opportunity for us to check we are both comfortable working with each other and that there is a match between your needs and my service.

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For an informal chat please get in touch on 07722110228

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