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You are unique! There is nobody else the same as you: what ever your experiences, feelings, characteristics and values, only you own that particular combination. And yet you will be able to empathise with aspects of other people’s lives.

All of my clients present differently even when they may share similarities. When they start on a course of coaching I cannot know exactly what they will achieve.

I know that each will come through with more awareness, greater clarity and confidence and improved motivation. How this will impact and how they chose to use these benefits is an individual choice.

A few of my clients have kindly agreed to share their stories. You may recognise some feelings or situations that you can relate to:

Bhagesh’s Story

….. Recognising skills to move forward

I had been working full time at the University for over 10 years and always enjoyed my work and the University environment. They were good employers and I worked alongside some great colleagues. However, I was starting to feel I was not making the most of my abilities, I knew I had more in me and I was frustrated by not using my skills and my interests.

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Emma’s Story

….from overwhelm to motivation and fun!

I had so many things I wanted to do but I couldn’t find the energy to get on and do them. Also I wasn’t sure what to do first. Some of the things were longer term and some needed immediate action, but still I couldn’t seem to get started. I was constantly fighting tiredness and lethargy, even arranging a holiday was too much effort.

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Jo’s Story

…..Returning from maternity leave to develop a business

I have 3 young children and previously had a career that I had kept going during the first few years of motherhood and then I’d had a break. When I went to Anne I felt this was the right time to start working again but was unsure whether to return to the same sort of work or retrain, and then in what. I was quite confused and frustrated with myself.

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Nick’s Story

……Going it alone

Until a couple of years ago I taught English as a Foreign Language in Bristol. It is job that I love and I am always pleased to oblige when I’m asked back to do cover teaching every now and then. However, after fifteen years or so I felt that I needed to move on. Opportunities for career advancement in EFL teaching are few and very far between and when I was overlooked for a more senior position I knew that the time was right to ‘take the plunge’. I had already been running a small publishing company part-time and decided to give up teaching and go full-time on my own.

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